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Remote Learning Updates for Year 5 8.1.2021


Below is the timetable of activities assigned to year 5 every day of the week. The expectation for KS2 children is the equivalent of 4 hours of work every day according to the guidance from Department of Education, however, if your child is struggling to complete these in those 4 hours, focus mainly on the morning activities (Maths, English Genre/Independent Write, Reading). 


  • The inputs through Teams start 9.00 am and will be about 30 minutes long. The afternoon input starts at 1.30 pm and will be slightly shorter. I will be taking attendance in both sessions. I would ask you to ensure your child is set up and ready a few minutes before the meeting starts - the input might be cut short by having to wait for pupils logging in late, therefore the children might miss vital learning information and opportunity to ask questions. 
  • It is important children access their learning every day as it follows our school curriculum; that means if they miss a day of learning, in order to complete the next day's learning, they will need to go back and complete the outstanding work as there is clear progression and continuity. (especially in the case of Whole Class Shared Reading, English Genre and Maths)
  • If your child is not able to take part in the day's learning for sickness, please notify the school as you would normally in a case of absence.
  • I would ask for all the work to be submitted by 5.30 pm in order to ensure it being marked for the next day - work submitted later on the day will still be seen during the next day, but I won't be able to ensure thorough marking. I will also not be able to respond to queries and explain tasks the children struggled on as I will have done my planning for the next day based on the work that was submitted by 6 pm. 
  • All the work will be assigned every day at 8:55 and that is even the afternoon work, so that the children who are sharing devices at home can still do the tasks. If your child can access their device all the time, it is important they try to adhere to the timetable below, if possible, so I can address their misconceptions and common mistakes in the afternoon input, like I would in school after marking the children's books during lunchtime. If that is not possible, it needs to be done by 6 pm as mentioned above for feedback the next day.
  • The work will be responded to in the time frame in accordance with our School policy (see under Remote Learning) - the only different one is Independent Write, which usually takes a few days to mark. If there are misconceptions or numerous mistakes, I might send the work 'back' to the children to edit it and correct so that I ensure their understanding. 
  • If your child is stuck on something, it is really important they highlight it to me in the work - they can circle it with a highlighter tool. That will allow me to address it either in a whole-class feedback, during the afternoon input or individually. I am here to help them, and many of them have already been contacting me on Seesaw asking for explanations, which I have been able to respond to promptly and ensure their learning and understanding. 
  • Your child's engagement with each task is recorded and monitored for every day and acted on if there is not enough engagement with their learning.
  • I try to set tasks which are structured and include such activities and instructions (very often pre-recorded) so that the children can access them on their own without your assistance, as I am aware majority of the parents are working from home. Always tell the children to contact me on Seesaw first before coming to you - that will allow them to take ownership of their learning as they are in Year 5, and hopefully will also allow you to maybe focus on younger siblings and your work commitments. 
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send an email to the school. I am working from home but I can still ring you or provide more explanation. Many of you have also been putting little comments etc. on Seesaw, so thank you for that - it allows me to see what I need to focus on, however, I might not see your comment as I am getting around 120  notifications a day with all the work being posted and me marking it, so if it is an urgent matter, send an email to the school and I can ring you/email you back. 
  • Your child should still be doing MyON reading and Quizzing and accessing TT Rockstars, but I would focus on the morning work first. 

Finally, thank you for your patience and support in these difficult times! We are all learning to work in new, different ways and adjust to new rules, which change at all times. 

I will go through these points with the children through Monday Teams input too, so that they are aware of them. Should some of them change, I will let you know on here or through Seesaw (or both!). 


Have a good weekend and stay safe,


Mrs Musil




For the families of Key workers and vulnerable children -  our PE day is on Tuesday from now on. That means if you are coming to school, you need to wear your Cronton PE kit, not your school uniform like on the rest of the days. 

class worship Humility


Class Worship!


After hard work from the children and support from all of you, we have put together as a class our Class Worship about Humility!


The children saw it today (Monday 16th November) and it will premiere on Thursday afternoon on our class page. They cannot wait for you to see it and I am super proud of them, because their work ethic, dedication and behaviour were fabulous and this has allowed us to continue our learning as well as have a little project and a bit of fun with the worship! 


A few notes:

  • The video will be embedded as a Youtube video on here. I will also share the direct link to it on Seesaw for easier sharing, however, you can just signpost your family and friends to our class page.  
  • The video is uploaded as an 'unlisted' video on Youtube. What does it mean? Unlisted videos are invisible in search results, subscriber feeds, suggestions, and user video tabs. Only people with the link can see and share your video. The reason behind it being uploaded on Youtube is that it is way too large to be uploaded as a video file on our school website, but I wanted you to be able to share it with your families, grandparents and friends who would otherwise come to our class worship in school! If you have any questions about this, please, do not hesitate to contact me. 
  • The worship is best to be watched on TV if you can mirror your screen to it, or laptop, or through connecting your phone to a speaker. This is because the videos were filmed on an ipad and unfortunately, the microphone on it is not of the best quality. The children tried their hardest to be loud (as did I in post production playing with the volume!), but this is the best we could do. I hope you will understand that!
  • Let us know through 'Contact the school' form what you thought! I am sure both the children and I would love to hear what you liked and instead of chatting to you after the class worship, we will at least be able to do it virtually!

Thank you again for your support and I cannot wait to hear from the children and you what you thought! 

All the best,


Mrs Musil



Non uniform day Thursday 5th November

For tomorrow non uniform day, the children can still wear their own clothes, despite it being our PE day - just make sure they are dressed in clothes that is suitable for PE (so trainers and something sporty). 

The 'fine' for the own clothes day is some Christmas chocolates (such as selection boxes) as mentioned in the Christmas newsletter.


Thank you,


Mrs Musil


Non Uniform day on Thursday 22nd October

As a school, have been asked by some parents if we could do something for Halloween as the children won't be able to go trick or treating this year. As a Church of England school we do not celebrate Halloween as such, however, if children would like to come to school dressed up next Thursday (22/10/2020), we will have a fun afternoon as a reward for the children’s fantastic return to school. Any fancy dress is fine, especially super heroes, magical / mystical, enchanted forest etc. But if you are opting for Halloween outfit, please, we ask nothing too scary to upset our younger children.

Please do not feel you need to buy costumes especially, this is only if the children have items and wish to take part.

(Also, I am extremely disappointed I won't be in for this as I will be making phone calls to parents in place of parents' evening, but I am sure I will see some photos!) 


Mrs Musil

Christmas Card Competition

As usual, we are holding our ‘Design a Christmas Card’ competition, except this year instead of us sending out the templates, the children will be making their cards in class. All designs will be completed in school by Friday 20th November. There will be one winner from each area - Foundation Stage (Reception & Nursery), Infants (Years 1 & 2), Lower Juniors (Years 3 & 4) and Upper Juniors (Years 5 & 6). These winning designs will be made into cards for our school to send out.

Drop off and pick up times as mentioned on the school announcement page


Can I please remind parents that if your child DOES NOT have any siblings in our school, their time to enter the school building is between 8.50 and 9.00. Their pick up time is 3.20 - 3.30.


If your child DOES have siblings in our school, then there slot to enter the school is between 8.40 and 8.50. Their pick up time is between 3.10 and 3.20. 


This is to minimise not only the contact on the playground, but also in the class because as the children enter, they need to wash their hands; if there is too many children at once, it heightens the risk for everyone. 


Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. 

Reminder for European Day of Languages

On Friday, we will be celebrating European Day of Languages and the country Year 5 will be studying will be Italy. The children can come dressed in the colours of the flag, wear a national costume or national football kit, if they have one. 

We will also be tasting some Italian food (Parmiggiano, bruschetta, rosemary thins and balconni sweet dessert). If you would like your child not to take part in the tasting, please, let me know through email or through the child. Each child will have their own portion and it will be given to them by an adult wearing gloves - there is no need for cutting up as all the items I have purchased are bite-size portions already. 


Thank you - I am looking forward to having a fabulous day with the children tomorrow!

Meet the teacher

Unfortunately, we are unable to hold our usual 'Meet the Teacher' meeting, where I would get a chance to talk to you, explain some of the expectation and describe the routines in Year 5.


Instead, here is a little video for you to 'meet me' (even though we know each other from Year 3 already!) and a booklet. Please take your time reading it, ideally with your child. 

Meet the teacher video!

Still image for this video


Because our school has now purchased the Premium version of Seesaw to allow wider range of tools for the children to support their learning, I had to create new profiles for the children as it is impossible to transfer the classes from Free to Premium version.


This  means that the QR codes the children have been using since Monday 7th September will be invalid. I will be giving stickers with the new QR codes for the children tomorrow (11th September) and these will be stuck into their Reading Journals over the old QR code. 


If you are struggling to get it working etc., let me know please. I will only put a quick Reading challenge onto the Seesaw as the homework this week to allow the children, you (and me) to get sorted and used to it!  


Thank you for your understanding and support,


Mrs Musil