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Today a letter has been sent out regarding our music lessons. We are unable to play the clarinets due to restrictions so we have therefore changed instruments to the violin. Once the letters have been returned your child will be allocated a violin that they can use each week in school.

Last day 17.12.2020

The school will be closing at 2pm. This is usually the time we do PE, therefore the children will not need to come in their PE kit and should wear their school uniform for the last day.

Christmas Party afternoon

Tomorrow, 16th December, the children will be having a party afternoon and they can come into school in their party clothes ready for the afternoon. We will be having a little fruit drink and snack and some fun party games. 

Christmas film

For the last day of term, the children have been rewarded for their hard work and being so good with all the changes this term has had with a film day. The children have voted for their favourite film to watch and they have chosen "ELF". As this is a PG rated film we will need your permission for them to watch.  If you do not wish your child to watch the film could you please contact the school by Wednesday 16th so we can choose an alternative film. If you are happy for them to watch it them you do not need to do anything as I will take the non contact as permission.  

St Andrew's Day

Monday is St Andrew's day and as he is the Patron Saint of the blue team, they are able to come into school wearing their own blue clothes on Monday. 

Nuts in school 

A polite reminder that children are not allowed to bring in any food containing nuts, either in their snack or lunch box. We do have a child in school with a severe nut allergy. Thank you for your support in this important matter.

Odd Sock Day

Remember to morrow is the start of our Anti Bullying week. We will be wearing odd socks to show we are all individual. 

Monday - odd socks 

Tuesday - crazy hair 

Wednesday = fun tie


Can't wait to see you all.

Friday Afternoon PE lesson

This Friday afternoon, we are having our PE lesson. The children are able to come in to school in their own clothes without bringing in the usual fine.  If your child is wearing sport attire for their choice and you are happy for them to wear this for the PE lesson then they do not need to bring in a PE kit. If you feel your child will need to change out of their own clothes then please bring in a PE kit for the afternoon session. Please make sure the children are still wearing sensible shoes for the outdoor provision.

Fit and Fun Club

 Unfortunately, due to the DFE guidelines we are unable to continue with the fit and fun club on a Tuesday afternoon.   We will notify you of any changes to the guidance as soon as we hear. 

Own Clothes Day

We will be holding an own clothes day on Friday 13th November. You do not need to send anything in if your child wishes to take part. 

Pease find a link regarding Christmas own clothes days.

Information regarding the DT topic this term

Dear Parents,

                As part of our learning in Design Technology, we are going to be making our own pizza. We have planned a few tasting activities and will then be making our own pizza at the end of term.

Examples of food we might include-- different breads, tomato, assorted cheese, peppers, onions, herbs, meat, olives, pineapple, mushrooms

                              At the beginning of the academic year we requested allergy information on your child’s P9 form. However, if there are any additional allergies that we need to be aware of for this activity please email the information to school as soon as possible. In addition, if there are any foods you wish your child not to taste please also make this clear on the email. If we do not hear anything from you then we will assume that the children are able to take part in all activities. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email the school.




Mrs Allison


Multi Skills Club

Although we are not having PE on Thursday, the multi skills club will still take place on Thursday after school. If your child is part of the club, they will need to bring in their PE kit to take part. Please send it in a small bag as they will be keeping it by their table. If your child is wearing a football kit or sport attire for their fun afternoon and you feel this is appropriate for the club, then they can wear this and will not need to change into their PE kit.

Thursday Treat Afternoon

This Thursday afternoon, we are having a special treat afternoon. The children are able to come into school in dress up. We will not be having our usual PE lesson but will use the time outside to do some fun activities of the children's choice. They will therefore not need to bring in their PE kit for this day. Please make sure the children are still wearing sensible shoes for the outdoor provision.


Next term, starting 2nd November, PE will be on a Friday. Children should come into school in their PE kit for this day.

After school clubs will take place after school on a Tuesday. Children who are taking part in the club will need to bring their kit in a small bag that they will leave by their desk. 

Lunch Menu 20-21

European Day of Languages Friday 25th September

We are celebrating the European Day of Languages on Friday 25th September.

We will be learning more about Greece.

The children can come into school dressed in the colours of the flag of Greece or a traditional costume from that country if they wish to.

We will be having the chance to taste some Greek food if they wish to do so, learning some Greek words as well as learning about the country

If you do not wish your child to take part in the tasting session, please email the school by Thursday 24th September.

As we are unable to hold our Meet the Teacher Meetings, I have attached a booklet with information you will need to know for this year.

What should your child bring with them to school? 


  • Coat
  • Water bottle clearly labelled, which the children will keep by them all day (there will be no access to water fountains or drinking cups)
  •  A small snack from home following usual healthy snack rules. Treat snacks on Friday should also be a small snack and not a share bag of sweets.
  •  Packed lunch bag (if not having school lunch)
  • Reading Wallet with Book (please wipe with a sanitised wipe when returning to school and school will wipe any reading books that are being taken home)
  • Sun cream & sun hat (if required, children must be able to apply sun cream themselves. Please label sunhats and explain to your child they must not wear anyone else’s hat).


There will no access to cloakrooms and children in Year 5 will need to keep everything they bring to school to keep with them at their desks. We ask that the children DO NOT bring their bookbags or any other bags. Children will not need to bring in any other resources – they will be given their own resources to use in class.


During the day, the children will have access to sinks, antibacterial soap and hand sanitisers which are installed in classrooms and across our school. If your child has a specific skin condition and are required to use special hand sanitiser, they are allowed to bring that (clearly labeled) into school with them and they will use this in the class' allocated time slots for washing hands/sanitising hands.


Staying in touch



Unfortunately at the moment I am not able to have conversations with you in person.  However, I am happy to answer any questions or queries that you might have either by phone call or email.  If you do wish to speak to me, please either email ( or ring (0151 424 3881) the school office and I will respond to you as soon as possible.


  • Communication is key and as you know, I am always happy to answer any queries or discuss concern. However, in these difficult times, it is very important that staff is not approached at the classroom door as this could put staff and therefore children at risk. If you have a query, a concern or just a simple message, please contact the school via email or ring (parents will be unable to access the main office), and the message will be passed onto me. I can then email/ring your back as soon as possible.