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World Environmental Day

Dear  Parents and Carers,
It's time for Nature! Let's prepare to celebrate 'World Environment Day'!
I am sure that you and your children have been as horrified at the photographs of parks and beaches and other places of beauty, strewn with litter!

The foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the climate that makes our planet habitable all come from nature. We are intimately interconnected with nature. To care for ourselves, we must care for our environment.


This Friday is 'World Environment Day', which is celebrated on the 5th June each year. The day provides a global voice to help solve environmental issues.This year's theme is to call for urgent action to protect Biodiversity. Biodiversity provides the essential infrastructure supporting life on Earth and human development.

Please visit   for more information.

Why not try some activities at home with your child in preparation for World Environment day? We have some fabulous links to get you started!

Visit   for some fun ways of making small changes at home!! Turn your child  into an 'eco- superhero' by  making a fun Earth mask to wear while saving the planet at home - from turning off taps to save one resource at a time, to making a World Environment  Day Cardboard Box holder !

You could even tune in to Wild Life Safari -  'Wild Earth's Safari LIVE' is an award winning, expert hosted LIVE safari, broadcast directly from Africa  

Or take the 'Forest Challenge'  
This challenge aims to raise awareness of the essential role forests play in urban life and encourages us to show the world our connection with trees! We would love you to take part by taking a photograph of you and your family with trees, woodland or forest, nature at its best!

We would love to hear about what you have been doing to celebrate World Environment Day and we would love to see any photographs! 

Blog for Parents 

School Improvement Liverpool have produced a blog which gives daily activities to complete with children.


Gill Rowlands from our EMTAS team has put together some 'words of wisdom' for parents and carers, to support, signpost and most importantly keep our children and young people happy and inspired to learn.


Please click on the link below for further activities to complete.   

St George's Day 

As Thursday 23rd April is St George's Day, why not read the story of St George, make a flag or an English rose or anything else linked to the special day. As our Red team usually come into school with their own red clothes, why not wear red for the day at home? Take a photo and ask a grown up to send it to our school email so we can share them on our website and Twitter. Our email is Maybe they could add it to our Twitter page and tag us in with @crontonceschool. This will then make it go to our Website Home page. 

Mini Fist Aid Training

First Aid for Kids

National Online Safety Information

 Check out the latest online safety information

Calling All Budding Astronauts

Check out the free online Astronaut Training Programme

Alphabet workout challenge

Hack Back CIC


Anita from Hack Back has put a homeschooling project on the Hack Back CIC Facebook page

Today's session is about an unusual animal called a Quoll.

Children will need access to a lap top or tablet for research. There is also a link to a fun YouTube video by Zoologist David Hamilton

Easter Bonnets / Caps /eggs/ Garden

With Easter almost upon us is anyone making any Easter Bonnets / caps, creating eggs, cards ,Easter Gardens or making any Easter creations? If so, send us a photo to share with everyone. We look forward to seeing them. Keep safe 

Children's University Activities

Currently CU are providing families with more information on how children can gain credits over this period, they are providing lots of new and validated activities that can be undertaken at home and count towards the child’s overall log.

 These are posted on Twitter each day and at the end of the week they can be found on our website, links to both of these can be found below:

 Alternatively the Children’s University network have a page dedicated to activities that can be undertaken at home


Premier League Activities

This challenge has been sent from Knowsley School Sports Partnership. It has  challenges for all the family to stay fit and active whilst at home.  Please tweet us and  tag @knowsleyssp if you take part. 



BBC Supermovers is a way of learning and keeping fit. It covers fun ways to learn times tables, number bonds, science or PHSE or even just for fun.  

Try some of them at home.

This site has Disney Dance along routines for you to try.



This is the link  to Joe Wicks daily workout.

Out the ark music

We have been provided with a link to free resources for you to try at home.

Activities to do at home

Possible activities to do at home from Elms Computing

The main coding websites I would recommend for the children to access at home are:
This is a really good site created by Google on e-safety. It includes an Internet game called Interland where children can learn more about staying safe online and cyber bullying.
This website allows the children to use their coding skills to create animations and games. There are loads on tutorials on YouTube for this site, or if they click on “ideas” on the homepage there are also a lot of step-by-step tutorials for various projects.
This is another great site for coding activities. Popular ones are dance party, minecraft and Star Wars. Alternatively, if they click “learn” from the menu they can access various projects, covering different topics, for all age groups (NB the year groups -grades- are based on the American school system).
If the children have access to an iPad I would really recommend parents getting these free apps for their children to go on...
Pages and Keynote (both of these apps have free iBooks for them that you can download from Apple which are a really quick way of learning how to use the app). Pages is similar to Microsoft Word and Keynote is similar to PowerPoint. If any children fancy experimenting with music on their iPads then GarageBand is great and also has a free iBook to teach the children how to complete a simple project. 
Tynker is an excellent app where the children can access two main coding games and some other activities for free. Space Cadets is great for yrs 3-4 and Dragon Spells is good for yrs 5-6. 
For years 1 and 2 I would recommend Tynker Jr and Coding Safari (that second one has a small fee - I think £4.99). Both of these are simple coding apps.
One of the most popular apps I have used in lessons is called SpriteBox. There is a free version of this which is great and also a full version that parents can pay for if the children want more. 
The more able or older children could try using swift playgrounds (a free app from Apple). There is another free iBook by Apple called learn to code 1 & 2 which they would need to use alongside this. 
On a separate note, families may want to use Apple’s Zoom app to connect with friends and family via group video chats during this time.