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12th Oct

This week we are learning how to use the words taller and shorter. Try to encourage the correct use of these words instead of bigger and smaller as you compare the different things. 
We have also been learning about Autumn . Here is some of the resources we have used. You can use the blank tree and make it into an  Autumn picture by using finger painting. We talked about  hedgehogs and learnt the word hibernate. Use the Autumn powerpoints and photos to discuss different things associated with Autumn. We read The Little Acorn book and found out about how acorns can grow into an oak tree. We have collected some Autumn leaves and done some leaf printing too.  
This week is brown week. How many brown things can you find around the house? Here is a link to one of our books this week called Brown Bear Brown Bear . See if you can join in with it being read. 

We have continued to read Elmer stories and this week we read Elmers Walk. 

Here is a link to it being read. 


Here is a radio program to listen to and join in with . See if you can draw a house or a person afterwards.